The world’s first
high performance router
built for privacy

All you need to protect the privacy of everyone in your home

Always on, whole house high speed VPN protection

WiFi 6 speeds up to 900Mbps

Encrypted DNS and malware protection

Firmware auto updated to maintain security

Secure WiFi with WPA3

Optimized for streaming and gaming

Your Digital Privacy is Under Attack

Online privacy threats have gotten worse. Your online behavior is constantly monitored, logged, collected and sold.

Chinese and Russian governments use personal data to target US citizens with disinformation to influence voting

Google and Facebook trackers are pervasive across most websites and apps. Businesses use this tracking to follow you across the internet and influence what you buy.

Hackers use personal data for ransomware attacks, phishing attacks and even compromise your home router and have resulted in billions of dollars of damages in 2021 already.  

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How we protect your privacy

Always-on fast (200 Mbps+) encrypted VPN for protection of sensitive data and IP cloaking covering all connected devices

Keep web browsing private from your ISP with network wide encrypted DNS

Always up to date advanced firewall and Malware Protection

Advanced router controls

Usage monitoring for the whole network and per device

Whole network Ad Blocking

“Bedtime” feature: automatically disconnects kids devices from the Wi-Fi at night and reconnects in the morning

“Time Out” feature: temporarily limit access 

Safe search and adult content block: temporarily limit access 

Stream and game at faster speeds

WiFi 6 speeds up to 900 Mbps

75% less latency than wifi 5 for gaming and streaming live sports

VPNs add lag to online gaming. We bypass VPN for online gaming automatically.

Streaming services often block VPNs. We bypass VPN for these services automatically.

Get an exclusive discount

We’re launching soon. Get an exclusive discount!

Get an exclusive discount

We’re launching soon. Get an exclusive discount!